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  • To create enthusiastic learners who develop positive attitudes to language learning throughout life.
  • To contribute to the development of children’s oracy and literacy through the three pillars: phonics, vocabulary and grammar.
  • To help pupils understand more about their own culture and those of others.



Our chosen language is French and our MFL curriculum teaches children to:


  • Listen to and repeat French words and phrases with the correct pronunciation.
  • Engage in conversations; ask and answer questions.
  • Make links between some sounds, rhymes and spellings of unknown words.
  • Compare traditional stories and celebrations from another culture.
  • Read and write words or conversational phrases from memory.


We teach the basics of the language and ensure that pupils have a good working vocabulary that is purposeful for everyday contexts. Teachers use their own professional judgements to assess learning and progression.


The French culture (Bastille Day and Noël) is celebrated during whole school assemblies. The French language is taught in discrete lessons whereby children can apply the language skills they have learned and immerse themselves in a different language and culture through our participation in an ‘International Schools’ program.



By the end of Key Stage Two pupils will have developed detailed knowledge and skills to speak basic conversational French. It is intended that this introduction and engagement with French will provide children with confidence in speaking languages and a natural respect and curiosity for other countries, cultures, and languages. We aim to prepare children for the Key Stage 3 languages curriculum, to enable them to transfer confidently and successfully.