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International Schools

Alongside following the National Curriculum, we recognise the importance of enhancing all aspects of Global Education. Through our involvement in the Erasmus+ Project Songs, Stories and Science from Marsh, Coast and Sea, we have developed deep and lasting partnerships with schools in Guadeloupe, including reciprocal visits from staff.


We are proud to be able to develop the international and cultural learning for all of our children as we celebrate and share what is unique and wonderful about our locality, whilst learning about and celebrating different cultures from around the world.



We were delighted to partner with North Somercotes C of E Primary to work with two schools from Guadeloupe: EEPU Bragelogne, Baie Maihault and Ecole Elementaire Stephane Mathieu, Bananier. Our two-year partnership was centred on the exchange of good practices linked to the theme of Songs, Stories and Science from Marsh, Coast and Sea.


During this project, teachers from the Guadeloupe schools came to visit us and teachers from the UK schools visited Guadeloupe. This incredible experience gave pupils the opportunity to share and celebrate their learning without the North Atlantic Ocean being a barrier! 

International Centre D'antibes


Some of our staff members enrolled at the International Centre D'antibes for a week on an intense French course. Not only did this develop their skills in delivering French lessons as part of our MFL curriculum, but it also allowed greater communication with our visitors from Guadeloupe (the main spoken language in Guadeloupe is French). 


As part of this course, participants were given the opportunity to apply their French spoken language skills in a real-life context - out and about on the French Riviera. They also learned about the French education system and how best to support the teaching of a new language to pupils.


Following their return to school, their findings from France have resulted in shaping the way French is taught across Key Stage 2, provided better resources and have brought even more spoken language opportunities (including accurate pronunciation) into lessons. 


Chinese New Year


In Nursery, Reception and Year 3, children learn about the Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival) as it is the main Chinese festival of the year. During this period, children take part in a variety of themed activities - including trying new foods, exploring outfits and learning about the various animals. 

Indian Experience


We regularly welcome Sunita Patel into our school to teach the children first-hand about Hinduism and Indian culture today. She shares with children how she prays, teaches them exciting Bollywood style dances and helps them to create beautiful art work.


Sunita also tells inspiring and thought-provoking stories of Hinduism and showcases traditional Indian dress - providing children with the opportunity to try out various garments.

United States of America


As part of our curriculum, children in Year 4 learnt about life in the USA. 

Shri Ram Global School Project


This competition was run by the Shri Ram Global School (Delhi), who we will be developing a further partnership with. The competition involved the children doing their own research to present highlights, sports news, weather, local news, etc within the space of 3 - 4 minutes. As the time was so short, the children had to decide amongst themselves which news should be included in addition to designing their own logo for their news channel and finding appropriate backgrounds. Their news broadcast was then filmed and hosted online.