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  • To develop pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the world
  • To help develop pupils' locational knowledge and to help them understand the Earth’s physical and human processes.
  • To aid and focus learning across the school, we use the following key concepts:


Place, Space & Scale: Considering where in the world places are and viewing them at different scales.

Physical environment: Considering the physical features of locations.

Human: Considering the impact of humans upon a location and environment, and vice versa.

Change & Sustainability: Considering how and why changes have occurred, are occurring now and will occur in the future.

Sustainable Development: Considering the relationship between humans and the Earth.

Cultural Awareness & Diversity: Considering the world's rich array of physical and human characteristics.



Our Geography curriculum is progressive: pupils learn about their immediate surroundings before learning about the wider country and then, ultimately, the world. Knowledge and skills are sequenced carefully to provide the framework and approaches that offer explanation of how the Earth’s features at different scales are shaped, interconnected and change over time.Geography is taught as part of a project-based approach, focusing on knowledge and skills stated in the Early Years and National Curriculum, with the same importance given to it as the core subjects in order to enable all children to gain ‘real-life’ experiences.


Knowledge Organisers are used to provide pupils with an understanding of key vocabulary and ideas. These are displayed in classes, revisited and then tested via retrieval practice (for example: low-stake testing). This constant repetition of key vocabulary and concepts helps strengthen our pupils’ knowledge and understanding.


The curriculum coverage is taught in a progressive and purposeful manner, with teachers using their professional judgement and assessment for learning to make judgements on how pupils are progressing. The connection of the skills, knowledge and concepts ensure an inclusive and rich Geography curriculum.



The impact and measure of this is to ensure that pupils at Grimoldby Primary School develop detailed knowledge and skills that will enable them to be ready for the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and for life as an adult in the wider world.


We want pupils to have enjoyed learning about geography and therefore be inspired to undertake new life experiences, both now and in the future. Pupils will develop a love and respect for the world around them with aspirations to experience places first-hand.