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  • To develop pupils’ creativity and confidence to produce their own individual pieces of art using a range of materials.
  • To study the work of many artists and designers to develop an awareness of those who have helped shape history and have contributed to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.
  • To inspire pupils to experiment and develop their art, craft and design skills to become proficient in drawing, colour, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques. 
  • To develop pupils' ability to reflect and critically evaluate their own work and that of others.




Our summer term is where we place a heavy focus on creativity and art, and our projects are based on developing our pupils’ skills in drawing, colour and sculpture. Our Art curriculum is progressive and it builds on the pupils’ knowledge and skills to inspire them to become creative and confident with their ability to design.


Our Art curriculum is sequenced carefully to ensure pupils’ knowledge and skills are revised and built upon throughout each year. For example; our pupils’ then have the opportunity to explore and make marks in the natural world before experimenting and becoming familiar with a range of drawing mediums for effect or emotions.


All pupils have a sketchbooks which follows them through their school life. Sketchbooks provide pupils with the safe space to practise skills, share knowledge and to be creative. Pupils are presented with opportunities to analyse, evaluate and reflect upon their work and that of others.


The work of past and present artists are explored within each pathway termly to enhance pupils’ understanding of art, as well as develop their ability to evaluate and think critically. Each artist has been carefully chosen to support the key knowledge and skills being taught.


Pupils’ learning is further enhanced with whole school art projects throughout the year. This provides pupils with the opportunity to work in unity and the final pieces are often shared within the local community. 


Knowledge Organisers are used in our ‘Create’ term to provide pupils with an understanding of key vocabulary and ideas. These are displayed in classes, revisited and then tested via regular retrieval practise (for example: low-stake testing). This constant repetition of key vocabulary and concepts helps strengthen our pupils’ knowledge and understanding.



Our Art curriculum will ensure our children are engaged, confident and inspired by others to express their own imagination and how they see the world through artwork. Pupils will develop detailed knowledge and skills, supported by whole-school projects to be shared with the local community. Our pupils will be able to discuss great artists and designers using the language of art and their sketchbooks will clearly show their creative journey.


We want pupils to have enjoyed learning about art and therefore be inspired to undertake new life experiences, both now and in the future.