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Year 5


Welcome to the second half of the Summer term! Same drill as normal on here- scroll past last week’s work to find the work for this week. If you need to finish off anything from last week, don’t worry- that’s why we leave it on here!

Please remember to keep Tweeting too.

Like always, I really want to stress- don’t worry about doing everything, just try your best and keep yourselves happy and safe! 

Even though we are back at school with some children, we still miss you all a lot and I have really missed seeing what you have been up to recently! I would love to see Tweets go through the roof again. Remember- you could just write to me, it doesn’t always have to be pictures! If you aren’t a fan of Twitter, you can email pictures of what you have been up to or your work to Finally, if technology isn’t your friend (sometimes it doesn’t like me either) then you can print off your work or pictures and post it to us or if you live close enough, post it through our letterbox yourself. I can’t wait to see this awesome work!


Miss Milson


I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday. Be sure to have lots of fun in the sun, remember to keep safe and I can't wait to see you return in September as a Year 6! 


Week 13

Monday 20th July to Tuesday 21st July


We have set a few activities and challenges below which use a range of skills that you have learnt over your time in Year 5.


Click here to play a game about about angles


Activity 1: You may know lots of things about Mr Spendlow, from your Zoom calls and seeing him around school but it would be nice for him to get to know you better too. So, this week we would like you to complete an All About Me. There is an example below to give you some ideas about what to include, but I’d like you to write your own and make sure it is showing off your skills as a Year 5 writer.

Activity 2: Over the summer holidays, it would be brilliant if you could keep a diary which you could bring in to school or upload on to our Twitter page sharing all of your adventures. You may like to share about a messy adventure or maybe a trip to visit family or to the beach. Remember to use everything that we have learnt this year to make your writing Year 5 quality!


There are lots of games on Bug Club to play on to revise the Year 5 spelling rules and grammar features.

You will find all the words from the Year 3/ 4 and 5/ 6 word lists below – keep practising these, as they can be easy to forget. Take a look and practise the spelling of any that you are not confident with ready to impress Mr Spendlow next term!


For grammar this week, we would like you to have a go at these grammar mats using all of your grammar learning from this year. I have included a few just in case you'd like a challenge over the holidays.


Continue with Bug Club and enjoy reading more books on there - completing the tasks as you go. Remember that you can access Bug Club from almost any device with an internet connection - but you do need your login information. If you run out of books or find the ones on there too easy, send a tweet to our class Twitter page and I'll change them for you when I can. Hopefully by now, you have read lots of books during your time at home. I would like you to think about:

  1. Any ways in which they are similar (e.g. good triumphs over evil, magic is a theme).
  2. Any books which you would recommend to others. Could you be more specific and recommend them to a specific child in the class that you are sure would like the book too. Make sure that you explain why they would like it though! Once you’ve come up with some recommendations, could you Tweet or share them with me so that I can get them to that child?


Keeping your reading going is one of the most crucial things that you can do so, if you've not pushed yourself with your reading much so far, now is the perfect time to do it! The reading challenge from last week is also a great way of pushing yourself with your reading! The challenge has now started and runs throughout summer. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s the link for you again.


Over this week and the holidays, have a go at some of these working scientifically activities. Don’t forget to Tweet or even include the activity in your diary.



I’m not going to set you anything specific this week. It is your chance to do or find out more about anything related to space which you would like to know more about e.g. life in space, meteors or some kind of space related craft. You could even make and test your own bottle spaceship using water and a pump!


Over the summer, try to enjoy as much fresh air as possible. Go on bike rides, run around the garden and take lots of wonderful walks. On those not so sunny days, you can always keep active by following a Joe Wick’s Youtube workout or one of these activities below.


Click here for Move Crew

Click here for Youth Sports Trust Personal Challenges 

Click here for Premier League Primary Stars

BBC Super Movers


Remember to show off all your fantastic work or something you are proud of on our Twitter page or email me at

Week 12

Monday 13th to Friday 17th July


For this final half term, each week you will receive a selection of TTRS (Times table Rock Star) questions. They will have a mix of different multiplication facts in each week. By now, you should all know every multiplication fact up to 12 x 12 so this is your time to really make sure you’re confident. You will also find Mini Maths questions.

Just like the past few weeks, have a go at the lessons from White Rose. This week, the Maths focus is metric and imperial units, including converting between units of time and using timetables. Like normal, please click here to access the daily videos for this week, and find the worksheets below.


For our final writing activity for this year, I would like you to write an explanation text to answer our driving question- 'What is the Universe made of?'

You shouldn’t need to do any research for this- use everything that you have learnt during the Summer term and make sure you make your writing interesting for your reader. Think carefully about PAT. I’m not going to give you a success criteria- this is your opportunity to show off everything that makes you an awesome Year 5 writer. I know I keep saying it but please share it with me! 

Spelling and Grammar

This term, we have recapped lots of spelling rules. It is now over to you to keep practising so that you don’t forget them! If you need any recaps, there are lots of videos here for you to use, as well as a few different rules that you may need to recap. The games are still on Bug Club too. 

Use all that you have learnt this term to complete the grammar mat below. The links are still in last week's grammar section if you want to do any more recapping.


This week, I have an extremely important task for you. Are you ready for it?

Read. Read as much as you can - make sure you understand it though!

This week, I want our Twitter page (and enquiries) to be flooded with photos of people reading- and I mean actually reading, not just taking a picture then putting the book down. Don’t stop over the holidays either! As Mr Spendlow has already said, it is so important. Don’t forget about Bug Club and just keep reading! Try to read every day for at least 15 minutes. Read to your parents, your siblings, your dog, your goldfish, your tarantula - whoever you can get hold of! JUST READ! Have I made my point?


Keep up to date with Science news from around the world by clicking here

This week, your challenge is to create your own helicopter using only paper and a paper clip. The instructions are below for you.

After you have completed and tested your helicopter using paper, you could make more helicopters using different materials (e.g. card or newspaper). Once you have tested your helicopters, draw a diagram for each, and explain why some may have worked better than others. Remember to use all that you have learnt about air resistance and gravity.



Here are some activities that you could do which are based on our project. Complete as many of them as you would like. Remember to be creative and use what you have at home.


Astronomer: If you haven’t finished comparing Mars and Jupiter from last week, take some time to finish it. If you have, compare Mars to Saturn. How are they similar? How are they different? You can compare anything about them that you would like but make sure you present your findings in an interesting way and don’t forget to share it with us. You may wish to change your way of presenting this week to keep things interesting.


Stargazer: Create your own constellations like these by drawing them on paper or card and cutting out holes where the stars would be. Once you’ve done that, shine a torch through to get your constellation on the wall!


Scientist: For anyone who can’t get enough of science, here is an extra little experiment for you where you can grow your own crystals. It is really easy too - just make sure you use the kettle safely, and under adult supervision.

P.E and Keeping Fit

Get active! Monday is your final day to submit your entry for our Virtual Sports Day so keep practising every day until then. I may be biased, but Spitfire has to win!

After that, keep active. Get outside when you can. You know all the links now and, from our chats, I know that lots of you have been doing walks and bike rides so keep it up!

Click here for Move Crew

Click here for Youth Sports Trust Personal Challenges 

Click here for Premier League Primary Stars

BBC Super Movers