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Year 3

Do you enjoy delicious cake, fresh fruit or tantalising treats?

Our new topic is just up your street.



‘Can homemade food really be better than store bought food?’

Throughout the Summer term our project will be based on food, glorious food. Where it comes from, its nutritional value and looking at whether fresh ingredients make a difference to the taste. Do our senses impact on the food we eat? Hopefully you will have the opportunity to do some baking following a recipe. You will be designing your own packaging and advertising for a special treat of your creation.


Week 7

Monday 8th June to Friday 12th June


Find below this week’s TTRS (Times table Rock Star) questions. They will be based on either the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 multiplication facts. Have a go and see how many you can complete in the time limit? Your aim is to score more and more each day. You will also find a Mini Maths too.

Over the next two weeks we are going to do some Maths revision using White Rose. White Rose is the scheme of learning we use in school. This week your revision is going to be based on fractions (an extra week to use cake in Maths)! Please click here to access the daily videos for summer week 7 and find the worksheets below.


This week, your writing coincides with your delicious activity from last week’s chef project. I would like you to write your very own recipe for your inventive banana based dish following these simple steps.


  1. Explore! A recipe is simple a set of instructions. Take a look at this model text to become familiar with the layout and features. Can you create your own success criteria based on what you find out?
  2. Plan it! As you are creating your banana based recipe, draft your recipe remembering to note down specific measurements.
  3. Have a look at the activities below which will help make you write your recipe to perfection. 
  4. Write it! Now it is time to write your recipe.
  5. Once you have finished writing your recipe check it against my success criteria. Do you need to edit or redraft it to include anything you might have missed?
  6. Share it! Take a photo and upload it on to Twitter along with a picture of your banana creation. I can’t wait to see it!


The spelling rule this week is adding the suffix -ly on to a root word. When you add the suffix –ly on to an adjective (describes the noun), then it forms an adverb (describes the verb).



This week we are going to revise our learning on paragraphs. Take a look at these activities below. No peeping at the answers until you have finished!


Read, get silly and have fun!


Summer Reading Challenge 2020 launches online this week!


Better Libraries in partnership with The Reading Agency and Lincolnshire County Council are going online to launch this year’s challenge on Friday, 5th June at: or click here.


The Summer Reading challenge 2020 promises loads of silly fun. Once you have signed up you can head to Lincolnshire Libraries’ social media channels for fun activities and book recommendations and download the free library app Libby to borrow e-books to complete the challenge.


The theme for this year’s challenge is ‘Silly Squad’ and the aim is to encourage YOU to read whatever makes YOU happy, get silly and have fun!


Keep up to date with Science news from around the world by clicking here


If you haven’t finished designing and creating your sunglasses then please continue to do so this week.

Using what you already know about the sun and how to protect yourself, I would like you to create a persuasive poster to persuade ME buy and wear your sunglasses!


I have included some extra information about light to help you. In your poster make sure to inform me how the sun can be dangerous and how your sunglasses help to protect me. Make sure your poster is bold and bright so it catches my attention. You may like to include a picture and label how different parts helps to protect my eyes.


There is also a wonderful investigation you can do to see the effects of UV lights. All you need is a piece of black and a variety of different coloured paper or card (or just one colour).


Nutritionist:  Have a look at these food items and sort the images into healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Once you have done that, have a look at the nutritional values on the packaging of your favourite foods (it is usually on the back). Are you surprised at how much fat your favourite foods contain? Click here use this interactive Eatwell Guide on the NHS to help you decide whether it is a healthy or unhealthy food item. 

Chef: Using the Eatwell Guide from the NHS Website can you design a healthy eating energy bar to eat before or after a PE lesson to give you an energy boost? Think about what sorts of energy you will need and what foods you will get this energy from? Once you have designed your energy bar, it would be great if you could have a go at baking it?


Whilst the sun is shining, get yourselves out and about for a wonderful daily walk, jog or bike ride.

Click here for Move Crew

Click here for Youth Sports Trust Personal Challenges 

Click here for Premier League Primary Stars

BBC Super Movers

Week 6

Monday 1st June – Friday 5th June


For this final half term, each week you will receive a selection of TTRS (Times table Rock Star) questions. They will have a mix of different multiplication facts in each week. They will be based on either the 2 or 5 multiplication facts. Have a go and see how many you can complete in the time limit? Your aim is to score more and more each day. You will also find Mini Maths questions.

We are going to continue learning about time this week in Maths. 


I loved receiving all of the wonderful letters from you last half term, so this week in Writing I would like you to write a letter persuading me (or one of the other teachers in school) to visit your pop up smoothie stall!

  1. Take a look at the model text and see if you can add anything to the success criteria.
  2. Click here to watch a video reminding you about persuasive features. Can you add any of these features in to your letter writing?
  3. Use the IPEEL plan below to make a plan for your persuasive letter
  4. Write your persuasive letter. Think really carefully about your audience – how are you going to persuade your chosen teacher to visit your smoothie stall?
  5. Before you say you have finished – check it for silly spelling mistakes, missing words and that each sentence makes sense.


Our spelling rule this week is adding Suffixes beginning with a vowel to words with more than one syllable.


Continue with Bug Club and enjoy reading more books on there - completing the tasks as you go. Remember that you can access Bug Club from almost any device with an internet connection - but you do need your login information. If you run out of books or find the ones on there too easy, send a tweet to our class Twitter page and I'll change them for you when I can. 


Keeping your reading going is one of the most crucial things that you can do so, if you've not pushed yourself with your reading much so far, now is the perfect time to do it!


Keep up to date with Science news from around the world by clicking here.


We are going to continue our learning about light this half term. If you haven’t completed the experiment exploring the most suitable material to use for sunglasses then please use this this week to investigate.


Once you have completed finding the most suitable material to use in a pair of sunglasses, I would like you to design your own sunglasses. On a plain piece of paper, or even a computer if you have access, can you draw your perfect pair of sunglasses?


Then, add the following information to your design:

How do they protect your eyes?

What makes them comfortable?

What makes them fashionable?

Why are they suited for boy, girls, both, adults or children?

Will they break easily? Why not?


If you have the materials, you could even have a go at making your sunglasses (SAFETY WARNING - please do not look at the sun wearing your home made sunglasses as it could damage your eyes).

Choreographer: In Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, he employs Oompa Lumpas! An Oompa Lumpa is bright orange, little man with silly coloured, green hair. They create the most fantastic songs and dance routines. Your challenge is to learn to dance like an Oompa Lumpa! Click here to watch how to dance like an Oompa Lumpa. It would be great if you could record and share your dance routines with the school on Twitter. You may even like to dress up as an Oompa Lumpa or create your own routine to one of their songs.


Chef: BANANAS! Over last half term, I saw you baking with so many different ingredients to create wonderful cakes and cookies. So, for your first week I have a baking challenge for you… BANANAS! I would like you to bake something with the main ingredient being BANANAS (if you can get them). There are so many wonderful recipes which include bananas such as a banana split, a banana pancake and a banoffee pie. 


If you need some inspiration click here to take a look at Ainsley Harriott’s delicious banana split.


I know lots of you and your families are loving the Joe Wick’s workouts but there are also the following available:

BBC Super Movers

Premier League Primary Stars

Get Set Tokyo


Go Noodle